Állatok ember(?)közelben

Állatok ember(?)közelben

 These swans in a canal, which were liked over a million times on Twitter, turned out to be regulars in Burano

Velence Burano Credit: @ikaveri


 Mountain goats invaded Llandudno during the lockdown, taking advantage of the deserted roads

Llandudno, Wales Credit: 2020 Freelance Photos North Wales

 They roamed the town centre as cops tried to move them on

Credit: Getty Images – Getty

 Deer decided to set up camp in Harold Hill in Essex this morning - locals said they'd never seen it happen before

Essex, England Credit: Getty Images – Getty

 A toddler feeding carrots to the fallow deer that appeared on the estate


Credit: Getty Images – Getty

 A puma wandered came into the Chilean capital as dusk fell across the city

Santiago, Chile Credit: Reuters

 It was seen climbing walls before it was snared and taken to a zoo

Credit: Reuters

 This wild boar in Sardinia was pictured brazenly sniffing around normally busy roads

Sassari, Sardinia, and Barcelona, Spain Credit: Twitter/Cosodelirante

 Sika deer have been straying outside Nara Park - this one found its way into a subway station

Nara, Japan Credit: Flickr/Anna Ayvazyan

 A coyote in San Francisco - the wolf-like predators have grown bolder as fewer people throng the pavements

San Francisco Credit: Twitter/@manishkumar457

 A pod of orcas in the Indian Arm in Canada - industrial works in the area usually deter them from entering

Indian Arm, Canada Credit: Twitter/@jimhanson_nv

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